Evangeline Lilly Net Worth

I was just thinking about Evangeline Lilly and the work shes done while in show business, and my conclusion was that she hasn't done much work apart from lead role on the television series Lost.

However despite her lack of recent work, i was delighted to find out that her money net worth is estimated to be $16 million big ones!

Not bad for living on an island in the twilight zone...

Evangeline Lilly Height

You can clearly tell from viewing Evangeline Lilly on television that she is a petite young lady, but do you known her exact height? I didn't so! Hehe

Word on the street says that Evangeline Lilly is officially listed at 5 feet 5 inches tall. Before you just read this, how tall did you think Evangeline Lilly was? Don't fib!


Evangeline Lilly Dating?

Does anyone have the low down on who Evangeline Lilly is currently dating? I know she was involved with Dominic Monaghan for quite some time, but i believe the broke off the relationship, right?

Any Dominic Monaghan dating news would be extraordinary to hear.

Evangeline Lilly Shoe Size?

I just read on some website that Evangeline Lilly's shoe size is 11!

What do you guys think, is that a reasonable assessment or is this shoe size way too big for Evangeline Lilly's feet?

You can see in this photo that she does in fact have larger feet, but i don't think they are size 11! Gee whiz!


Evangeline Lilly Sunglasses

Here we have a snapshot of the dazzling Evangeline Lilly, spotted out and about while wearing a snazzy pair of Dolce and Gabbana 4015 sunglasses.

This a truly unique style of sunglasses, however it looks as if Evangeline Lilly is wearing them quite well. Very sexy choice of shades!

I only wish i could find a better picture of them.